Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

Norway Old Technique = New Style


This is a workshop designed for photographers who have never worked with the Wet Collodion process or for people that have and want more formal training in it. We will in addition to learning the technique cover the creative process and how you can use your new skill set to distinguish yourself as a photographer.

Creating negatives/ positives on glass/tinnplates requires you to carefully compose each image, which will inevitably affect the way you photograph. We will use antique cameras, such as Brownie Cameras, or large format cameras, (4 x 5 to 5 x 7) and instead of film we will use glass, or aluminum to create negatives or positives. NORDphotography will have some Brownie Cameras to lend participants, but we suggest bringing your own, if possible. A good resource for these cameras is e-bay. A good camera for the workshop is the Vintage Kodak Brownie No.2 A Box Camera.

The workshop will take place in a small community in the middle of Norway called Straumen. This is the area where NORDphotography is building their workshop center, which will open mid July. We will use the darkroom of Sund Folkehøyskole, and stay at Strømnes, a typical Nordic Farmhouse, where we have rented the main house for our students. In the off chance that SAGA is ready to be used in late May, we will have the students experience the center. Students will have to share rooms, each room has single beds.

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