Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

Santa Fe Alternative Processes Portraits


July 15, 2012 – July 20, 2012

A great portrait explores gesture and expression. It encapsulates the moment in which both subject and photographer connect. That moment takes on a timeless quality when the portrait comes to life and is created using historical techniques such as albumen, Kallitype, and wet-plate collodion.

Our week begins with studying and discussing examples of 19th-century and contemporary alternative process images, and then focuses on learning techniques for the types of processes participants can create during this workshop. Our days in Santa Fe are filled with making portraits on location—of models and of each other. We then return to The Workshops campus and make digital negatives from our images and transform them into beautiful handmade contact prints on watercolor paper, using a variety of historical techniques including albumen and Kallitype. We also learn how to make wet-plate collodion portraits on glass plates, which can be used on their own, contact printed, or scanned into a computer to make digital negatives.

You leave the workshop with a thorough knowledge of these historical processes and a clear perception of how to incorporate them into your own portrait photography.

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