Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

New York Fine Art Photographer

Palm Springs Photo Festival Alternative Process Photography & the Desert Landscape | May 6th-10th, 2018

Join Jill Enfield at  Workshop: Alternative Process Photography & the Desert Landscape Photographing with a large format camera and chemicals that you have to carry with you may seem like an arduous task, but in fact, it is quite fun and invigorating. It brings photography back to a tactile art form and enables the photographer to be in full control of the outcome. If it was good enough for Matthew Brady during the Civil War, why not? Landscape has played an important part in the history of photography worldwide. In this workshop, attendees will photograph in what is arguably the only portion of the American landscape that is relatively untouched since the inception of the medium. The nearby San Jacinto mountain range, the prehistoric palm oasis that gave it’s name to the village in the early 20th century and the desert floor itself will all be options for photographing in this unique class. The participants in Jill’s class will learn how to prepare for all types of weather and pack efficiently to go off for a day of photographing in any environment. We will address the importance of safety in preparing and traveling with chemicals, the changing light and photographing on glass and tin. This 3-day class will be like a survey class. Dates: May 6th-May 10th 2018 Location: Palm Springs, C.A. United States Register Here:

Nord Photography/Norway Wet Plate Collodion Workshop | June 26 – July 1, 2018

Join Jill Enfield at Workshop: NORD Photography, Saga - Inderøy - Norway, Wet Plate Collodion The collodion process, which is said to have been invented in about 1850, was the first widely used photographic process that produced a negative image on a transparent photographic medium. Other methods of the time, such as the Daguerreotype, produced a one-of-a-kind positive image, which could not be replicated easily. With the collodion process, however, the photographer could make an unlimited number of prints from a single negative. In addition to the convenience of creating negatives, the collodion process had numerous other advantages. It was an inexpensive process, especially in comparison with the daguerreotype. The process starts in the darkroom by pouring photosensitive chemicals on a prepared glass plate, this plate is then inserted into the back of the camera body where the film normally goes. The camera is then taken out of the darkroom and students have approximately 10 minutes to make their picture before needing to develop. Students work with both glass plates and aluminum. The latter produces positives. The workshop will cover the entire process from cutting and preparing glass & aluminum, mixing and handling chemicals, safety procedures, making portable darkrooms, assessment of exposure time, evaluation of results, and all that goes into mastering wet plate collodion. Dates: Jun 26, 2018 - Jul 1, 2018

Maine Media Workshop — Wet Plate to Digital | August 19th-26th, 2018

Join Jill Enfield at  Workshop: Photography that Spans the Centuries – from Wet Plate to Digital   It can be very freeing to not have to take a large format camera, cleaned glass or tintypes, plus all of the chemicals, water and traveling darkroom with you into the field. You can use any camera you choose to use, and still be able to make wonderful ambrotypes and tintypes. What could be better! It is the best of both worlds. Bring your digital cameras along to go to a different beautiful Maine location every morning. No matter what your preference, from landscapes to portraits, interiors to street photography, we will cover a different topic every morning. The afternoons will be spent editing, making digital positives and then into the state of the art darkroom to make ambrotypes (glass plate) and tintypes from your enlarged negatives. We will discuss how to make the chemicals and how to tweak them with the change of weather so that you can go home and be confident to do this on your own. Dates: August 19th-August 26th

SHOOT FILM & ALTERNATIVE PROCESSES by Day & Post Capture Sessions By Night — Hudson Valley New York Overnight Photo Workshop— Room for 4 Overnight Attendees. Book Around YOUR Schedule!

  The photo ops in and around our 4 bedroom home in the Hudson Valley are magnificent, not only of the 185 year old mansion itself, but also, within 30 minutes there are countless spectacular Hudson River views, American Revolution era structures, charming communities and much more. Come and spend the night, $60 per, and during the day with world renown Alternative Photo Process expert, Jill Enfield. She will lecture on the arts of cyanotype, film development, wet plate collodion, hand painting and lots of other alternative processes suited to your theme of interest. Your workshop can be for just you, or you and your friends/family members because we have 3 extra bedrooms in the house. Or if you prefer just come for the day and return home after sunset. Besides cyanotype, film development, wet plate collodion, hand painting for portrait, landscape, wildlife, flower, architecture, street scenes and interiors there is even a darkroom which comfortably fits 4 people thanks to the state-of-the-art facility in the house. And take your pick of what you will be learning from wet plate collodion, b/w, cyanotype, palladium printing, gum printing and more . (Available day only, day/night for 4 nights, 4 days or any time in between, ranging in price from $235 to $735, and can be divided amongst up to 3 guests in the same family or reservation, each with their own room.) Arrive anytime – Leave anytime Professional and state of the art analog darkroom Jill's Second Book Students in Oklahoma working on the cyanotype process Check out Jill doing a wet plate portrait here! Jill's Exhibition on Ellis Island A lecture in the dining room. Photo by Justin P. Goodhart Historic Site with an array of compelling photo ops Your bedroom Reading room; available for model shoots Pool available for underwater shoots Beautiful outdoor scenery for you to take advantage of Visit nearby Beacon N.Y. Only a short drive over the Hudson River A view of the old powder mill across the street Beautiful waterfalls right across the street from our house Another view of the falls Past guests enjoying our outdoor firepit And the pool! A functional fireplace, perfect for colder evenings A quaint secluded porch, perfect to relax on after a long day of shooting Plenty of outdoor scenery and wildlife Another view of our home Another spot to relax on the porch One of our guests bedroom Another guest bedroom Large dining room for you to use A very comfortable living room and piano, which you are welcome to use Another view of our home

Penland School of Crafts: North Carolina | October 9–15, 2016

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield Workshop: Penland School of Crafts: North Carolina Date: October 9–15, 2016

Maine Media Workshop: Rockport, Maine: Modern Day Dry Plate TintypesAugust 14-20, 2016

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield Workshop: Maine Media Workshop: Rockport, Maine: Modern Day Dry Plate Tintypes Date: August 14-20, 2016

PhotoSynthesis: Manchester, CT: Wet Plate Collodion TintypesApril 30 – May 2, 2016

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield Workshop: PhotoSynthesis: Manchester, CT: Wet Plate Collodion Tintypes Date: April 30 – May 2, 2016 Description: Learn studio lighting, and in the field shooting.

NordPhotography: Wet Plate Collodion and Albumen PrintingJune 22–26, 2016

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield Workshop: NordPhotography: Wet plate collodion and Albumen printing Date: June 22–26, 2016 Description: Come to NORWAY - the light is great 23 hours a day.

Internships & Mentoring for Alternative Process Photography

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield Internships & Mentoring: College students looking for credit while on the job learning are welcome to contact me. If you are attending a school close by, we can work around our schedules and come up with a plan for how many days and what the job would entail. Thinking outside the box!! There is also a possibility if you are not so close: A student from Boston would come stay with us several weekends a semester and get his internship hours in that way. There is plenty of room, but we do have cats – so be aware of the animal situation. Internship duties take many forms from helping me in the darkroom, scanning and organizing,  sending work out, to helping me with my website and posting workshops. We would work together to make a realistic list of things that need to be done to make sure we are on the same page and can work together well. Working on a project that you would like to get advice with? Mentoring can be arranged. Several options are available in this digital age: you can come here, or we can meet on Skype – whatever works for both of us can be arranged. Prices vary depending on what you were interested in, but we would flush that out before we began. Contact me to get started. Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

Photographic Transfers Workshop

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield Transfers: Many students want to use their digital images as a jumping off point to move on to 3 dimensions or 2D that looks a little different than your average digital print. Utilizing many types of papers and materials, we can make single transfers, or multiple images on top of each other. We will talk before your workshop to make sure we are on the same page of what you want to learn and what materials are needed. Tuition:  2 day workshop: 9am – 5:30pm  1 hour for lunch  $650.00 Tuition for private class:  $650/ day

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