Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield


Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

Alternative Process Photography by New York Fine Art Photographer Jill Enfield

The ideal teacher imparts a mastery of his/her content with a clarity of communication in a comfortable and stress-free learning environment. Jill Enfield’s private classes on alternative processes embodied all those qualities for me. She succeeds in teaching highly technical details where others have failed in the past, thanks to her patience, her ability to listen, her accessibility, and her perseverance when faced with a challenging problem. I know because I’ve had other classes that –in no way–compare to studying with Jill. She’s a font of complex knowledge that she delivers with simplicity and a quiet passion. Take her class. You won’t be sorry.

– Sara Cedar Miller


Private Classes with Jill Enfield Working for the first time with Jill Enfield in a private setting was nothing short of delightful. I came to Jill after learning that she offered a Platinum and Palladium Printing class. Although I had several years of experience with black and white photography and standard silver printing, I had no clue what to expect. Luckily, Jill’s pleasant demeanor, modest professionalism, and accumulated knowledge and experience allowed my final products to organically develop themselves into absolutely fabulous prints. Prior to our session Jill recommended the proper supplies and preparation work I should do— I promise the high quality materials and the results they yielded were well worth the investment. In her homey studio setting, Jill began to introduce platinum, palladium, and cyanic printing to me complete with examples of each. Viewing some of her own personal projects and discussing her experiences as a teacher at Parsons School of Design provided wonderful insight into the world of professional art. By first explaining, then demonstrating the process of platinum printing, I found it easy to imitate Jill’s agility in the darkroom. I can proudly say that I produced my own pleasing results, but that Jill’s expertise fostered the quality. Passionate about her own work, and responsive to the creative minds of her students, Jill Enfield’s private classes are an excellent way for any level photographer to enrich their practice. -Caitlin Kenney


I highly recommend taking private classes with photographer Jill Enfield. Her critical advice was invaluable in identifying the weak points in my portfolio and she made me work on them. Over the weeks my work progressed visibly and I gained a lot more confidence in my approach to photography. Her numerous years as a professional as well as an established teacher meant that she could explain everything in “low tech” language but at the same time demand a high standard. Her easy going personality makes her very approchable so I never felt bad even about asking the stupidest questions. Jills knowledge is reflected in her own extremely versatile work and I learned new aspects about traditional darkroom practices and experimental techniques as well as the digital workflow with tips on shooting, archiving files and printing – Tina Maas


Hey Jill, This week was one in which I finally punched through some real dissatisfaction I had been having with my latest images, and discovered what had been “not quite right” about them. For the most part, it came down to cropping issues, How I found my way was to recall things you had taught me many years ago in Santa Fe. We can never tell when help we pass a long will resurface and find a new context. This problem was no small issue for me, so thanks again for what you gave me way back when. -Chuck Nakell Photography


As a fellow image maker, I just had to drop you a line and tell you how inspirational your work was……….I want to grab my Canon and go find something to capture and play around with, like I don’t already have several hundred images waiting for me to work on, in “To Do” folder. You have shot in many of the same places I’ve been to and many I haven’t………….now I want to go there, too. Thanks again for the inspiration, especially in the hand tinting area, that I really haven’t gone in to yet. 

-Bob Snell


Just saw your video over at Scott Kelby’s site and found it fascinating.  Then popped over to your site and looked through your galleries and I must say how inspiring and fantastic I found the photos. Some I found raw and enticing and others I found very simple, but they seemed to tell you a story.   Very glad I was exposed (no pun intended) to your work.

-Brian Ruppel


Jill Enfield’s Collodion Course at the Maine Media Workshops is one of the most hands- on, fun and inspiring workshops I have ever done.  Not only is Jill an amazing artist in her own right but also a very attentive and motivating teacher and I cannot wait until she starts teaching the esoteric process of wet plate collodion in Europe so next time I do not have to travel as far.

-Malin Sjoberg, Stockholm, Sweden


Jill Enfield is a fantastic master photographer. She has a confidence and ability in the medium that allows a free experimentation throughout the workshop process. Not only did I learn the technical process of the tintype in a step by step procedure but Jill shares several tips that only an experienced photographer would have knowledge of.  As wells as an in depth view of the physical process of the tintype, Jill has a pool of knowledge in photography as a whole that makes it the ideal workshop for photographers / artists alike.’

-Paula Naughton

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